Koala Digital.

Based in Sydney Australia, Koala Digital helps businesses overcome digital challenges.

Challenge #1: Online marketing

Online marketing doesn't just mean a nice-looking website or an active social media site. It is a journey that your customers go through from the time they Discover your products, then Develop their understanding around your products and the alternatives, until finally Decide to make a purchase. The same journey applies to repeated customers.

At Koala Digital, we will make your products easily discoverable by potential customers, by increasing the products' Exposure. Then, we Educate the customers to understand more about the products and its superiority. Finally, it is just a moment away before the customers make their final purchase. In this final step, we will make it as Easy as possible to help them execute that decision.

Challenge #2: Data analysis

Information is useful but also overwhelming. It's a challenge for business to know Just Enough and Just The Right information, and also at Just The Right time. In order to do that, there needs to be more than a single software or application that involves.

Koala Digital will work with you to Dissect the source of information, Develop tools and processes to make those information become useful to you, and finally Decide if any adjustment is needed to optimise your management decision.

Why "koala"? It was on Australia Day 2016 when Bach, the founder, thought of setting up the business. He couldn't get rid of the image of a koala from his mind. Hence the name.

"Koalas have a relaxed lifestyle, they sleep up to 18 hours a day. Yet they are loved by everyone" - Bach said.

Therefore, Bach hopes, when people work with Koala Digital, their business and lifestyle can also be transformed like that of a koala.